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HUNTED: The Zodiac Murders

HUNTED: The Zodiac Murders

Mark Hewitt

Book 1 in the Zodiac Serial Killer Series

The hottest topic in true crime research today, the Zodiac is America’s most enigmatic serial killer. No serial killer has done more to capture the public’s imagination since London’s Jack the Ripper carved up 5 helpless prostitutes in 1888.

Mark Hewitt's series on the Zodiac serial killer painstakingly examines the murders (HUNTED, 2016), the evidence (PROFILED, 2017), and the Zodiac killer himself (EXPOSED, 2018). 

Book One, HUNTED: The Zodiac Murders is scheduled for release September 27, 2016.

Butcher Bird

Butcher Bird

Robert Leslie

Sion Michael came to Rhodesia to fight someone else's war. He and his elite team were given a single task: find the madman who called himself the Butcher Bird, and stop him. Sion knew the task would be almost impossible. He never expected it to be this personal. 

Butcher Bird is scheduled for release November 18, 2016.

Featured Books

Broken Samurai

Broken Samurai: A Combat Marine's Journey from Hero to Hitman

Al Carlisle, Ph.D.

Broken Samurai follows the path of a Silver-Star-decorated Marine who became a hitman. He wanted to fight for good, but when the war was over, he had to make his own war.

I'm Not Guilty

I'm Not Guilty: The Case of Ted Bundy

Al Carlisle

Book 1 in the Development of the Violent Mind Series


Dr. Al Carlisle takes us through the mind of Ted Bundy through a unique exploration of what drove Bundy to kill.

The Toughest Prison of All

The Toughest Prison of All

Floyd C. Forsberg

Floyd Forsberg lost his father at age 10. Within five years, he entered the prison system, and would eventually spend a total of 33 years of his life there. At every turn, he found himself betrayed by those whom he trusted. But in 1966, he met Nancy, the love of his life. He longed to be with her, but even when free on parole, Floyd found himself trapped in the Toughest Prison of All, and not even pulling off a $1 million bank heist could break him out.

The Hungry

The Hungry

Steven W. Booth and Harry Shannon

Book 1 in the Sheriff Penny Miller Zombie Series

Zombies. Murderous bikers. Power-crazed military commanders. And her ex-husband. Sheriff Penny Miller has her hands full in this fast-paced tale of the apocalypse.