It’s Alive!!

Yes, Genius Book Publishing is back! You see, we used to have WordPress, but we fell victim to the Great WP Update of 2015 and the site DIED. Well, we euthanized it. But the point is, we lost the entire site and we had to start over.
So here's our brand new site, and along with its rebirth we are pleased to announce two upcoming books.
The first is The Toughest Prison Of All by Floyd C. Forsberg. This memoir of a career bank robber will be released in August, 2015 in ebook and print.
Also coming out in August is The Mind of The Devil: The Cases of Arthur Gary Bishop and Westley Allan Dodd by Al Carlisle, Ph.D. As the second book in The Development of the Violent Mind Series, Dr. Carlisle conducted interviews with these two pedophile serial killers shortly before their executions. These are their words.
We are very excited about these new projects. We’re certain you’ll enjoy them as well.
While you’re here, please take a moment to check out our sister site, Page Burner Press, which has also been updated and is now fully integrated into this site. We’re also working to update our other site, Genius Book Services. We hope to have that updated in the next few days.
Thanks for visiting.

2015 Releases

Floyd Forsberg lost his father at age 10. Within five years, he entered the prison system, and would eventually spend a total of 33 years of his life there. At every turn, he found himself betrayed by those whom he trusted. But in 1966, he met Nancy, the love of his life. He longed to be with her, but even when free on parole, Floyd found himself trapped in the Toughest Prison of All, and not even pulling off a $1 million bank heist could break him out.
Book 2 in the Development of the Violent Mind Series
Arthur Gary Bishop molested and killed 5 young boys and abused countless others in and around Salt Lake City, Utah. Westley Allan Dodd was responsible for 3 deaths and who knows how much pain and suffering among the children who lived near him in Washington. When they were arrested, both asked the same question: How did I become a monster? Dr. Al Carlisle personally interviewed both of these men, and attempts to answer their question using their own words.
Death is just the beginning for Charles Stone and the dog he names Rose.

When Charles finds himself in the afterlife with bullets in his chest and a strange dog at his side, he resolves to return to the world of the living to find out who killed him and why. His search takes him to L.A.’s Skid Row and beyond. Charles learns some uncomfortable truths about death and life, and uncovers a cruel crime in progress that he must stop before it is too late.

Best Sellers

Book 1 in the Development of the Violent Mind Series

Dr. Al Carlisle takes us through the mind of Ted Bundy through a unique exploration of what drove Bundy to kill.
Book 1 in the Sheriff Penny Miller Series
Zombies. Murderous bikers. Power-crazed military commanders. And her ex-husband. Sheriff Penny Miller has her hands full in this fast-paced tale of the apocalypse.
Book 6 in the Sheriff Penny Miller Series
Sheriff Penny Miller is done playing nice. Only a few hundred miles north of her beloved Flat Rock, Nevada is the headquarters of the three-person Enhanced Bioweapons Select Committee. Those are the genocidal jerks who are continuing to fund research on the zombies. They’re the reason the zombies haven’t been stopped. So it’s up to her and her friends to make them stop, once and for all.