Genius Books’ Spring 2014 Releases

Sheriff Penny Miller, Scratch, Rat, and Sheppard are back in this action-packed zombie thriller. After escaping the massacre at Crystal Palace, Sheriff Miller and her companions realize that they are still trapped deep in the heart of Nevada. There are no safe roads, and nowhere to hide. But they know one thing—the people who have been funding the zombie apocalypse are due north at the Air Force Base in Mountain Home, Idaho.
Chosing not to run from danger, instead they head straight for Mountain Home and the elite group who started the whole mess.
And that’s when all hell breaks loose.
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Carrie Young is the Chief of Staff for a relatively unimportant Congressman. Her boss is cruising for a bribe from a powerful corporation that is determined to see a favorable bill passed in the House. Carrie's mission is to make sure that bill never sees the light of day.
Her life gets even more complicated when someone orders a hit on her boss, and she's set up to take the fall. In over her head, she only has one person she can turn to for help: a janitor named Spider Walsh, who has dark secrets of his own.
"All the Devils is a wild and fast-paced thriller pitting brave and quick-witted heroes against a frightening array of vivid adversaries." —Thomas Perry, author of Big Fish, Metzger's Dog and The Informant
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Note from the Publisher—April, 2014

Here we are deep in the heart of April, 2014, and there are many exciting things afoot.

In the last few months we have released two new titles, The Hungry 5: All Hell Breaks Loose and All The Devils, both by the writing team of Steven W. Booth and Harry Shannon. Both titles are featured above.

Next, we have signed on two new titles since February. One is The Case of the Outcast Oracle by Chris Abbey, which is something we are calling "Barbarian Noir" (though, for you sticklers, it's really hard boiled). Genius Books will release Chris's book sometime in late 2014 or early 2015.

The second title is The Toughest Prison of All, a memoir by Floyd Forsberg, a career bank robber who pulled off the biggest bank robbery in history—over a million dollars stolen in broad daylight. Forsberg gives his insight into the penal system and the ups and downs of bank robbery. The Toughest Prison of All is scheduled for release in 2015.

And two of our earlier releases will be receiving facelifts. I'm Not Guilty: The Case of Ted Bundy by Dr. Al Carlisle will be reissued as a second edition with a new preface, a new organization, and a thorough edit. I'm Not Guilty is scheduled for rerelease on June 13, 2014.

The Thirteenth Child by David Dean will be receiving a new cover and a polish to the prose that has made the story start stronger than ever. The Thirteenth Child will rerelease on July 18, 2014.

Finally—at least for now—Al Carlisle is working hard on several new titles in the Development of the Violent Mind series. Subjects include serial killers Westley Allan Dodd, Keith Jesperson (The Happy Face Killer), Arthur Gary Bishop, and bank robber Floyd Forsberg. Unlike I'm Not Guilty, the newer books in the series will all be 100% factual with actual interviews with the subjects in their own words. We may expect to see one or more of these titles release in 2014.

It's going to be a busy year.

— Steven