Monk's Music
Dub Taylor
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Monk’s Music, Thelonious Monk: An Illustrated Discography is the definitive and up-to-date guide to the recordings of one of the most important jazz composers and performers of the 20th century. A feast for the eye with the full color reproductions and a carefully researched and informative text, Monk’s published recordings are documented here in chronological order, from the earliest days of 1941 through his last known recorded performance in 1975.It’s all here for the Monk fan, Jazz lover, collector and anyone interested in music and recordings. Included on these pages is all the info about Thelonious Monk’s audio and video recordings released through the years on 78rpm, LP records, compact disc, video laser disc, DVD and Blu-ray. Album covers and labels are reproduced in full color. Also included is complete information about the studio and live recording dates, musicians, track listings, record labels, producers, recording venues, bibliography and classic quotes from the High Priest of Bop himself.From sideman pianist in the nightclubs of Harlem to world famous and iconic musical genius, this is the story of Thelonious Sphere Monk as told through his many recordings.