The Hungry - Penny Miller Book One
Steven W. Booth
The Hungry - Penny Mi... from $3.95 $16.50
The zombies are here. An accidental outbreak of a mutated virus unleashes hundreds of the undead on the sleepy town of Flat Rock, Nevada. Now, Sheriff Penny Miller must use her wits, grit, and damn near all of her ammunition to endure the arrival of zombies. Sheriff Miller quickly finds herself leading a vicious biker named Scratch, her ex-husband Terrill Lee, and a unit of incompetent National Guardsmen to safety. At their heels is Colonel Sanchez, the wicked Army commander who is pursuing Miller to gain the special powers the virus has given her. With a gang of murderous bikers on their tail and surrounded by slobbering hordes, Sheriff Miller must do what she does best: Aim for the brain!   “THE HUNGRY is a zombie thriller loaded with sex and smarts. A real nail-biter that brings a new weapon to bear in apocalyptic fiction: Hope. Highly recommended.” —Jonathan Maberry, NYT Times bestselling author of Dust & Decay and Dead of Night   “If you’re craving an apocalyptic horror novel that’s not just wall-to-wall action but balls-to-the-wall intense, Steven W. Booth and Harry Shannon have cooked up a real treat for you. I would say The Hungry will leave you totally satisfied, but that’s not true: Readers will be howling for more more more MORE just like the hordes of insatiable zombies rampaging through this book.” —Steve Hockensmith, author of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls   “You don't know what gut-churning page-flipping horror really is until you read this one. The Hungry combines the storytelling power of the big commercial thriller with many new twists on standard zombie fiction. A real winner.” —Ed Gorman, author of The Dark Fantastic and Cage of Night  
The Wrath of God - Penny Miller Book Two
Steven W. Booth
The Wrath of God - Pe... from $3.95
Nevada: America’s number one tourist destination… if you’re DEAD! After surviving the first days of the zombie apocalypse, Sheriff Penny Miller and her friends relax in what’s left of Las Vegas. The Army asks Miller and her party to return to Crystal Place, the Top Secret base that was the birthplace of the zombies. Even though the mission is to recover data that may lead to a cure for the virus—and Miller herself—she’s pretty sure it’s a bad idea. The Army assures her that a crack team of mercenaries will be there to protect them every step of the way. When Miller sees weird religious graffiti scrawled in blood on the concrete walls, she’s sure their chances of survival have just dropped to damn near zero. Again. Sometimes it sucks being right!   “Zombies generated by a government scientist searching for super-soldiers meet up with a good-looking, foul-mouthed female Sheriff…and she’s packin’. Four stars.” —SF Signal “Defines Laugh Out Loud funny. Often inappropriate, rude and utterly epic sarcasm from a completely rock your face off chick! Read this now! You won’t be sorry!” —Bookish Brunette “It’s zombies. A mad scientist. An ass-kicking female sheriff out to save the world. A fun ride. One of the better novels of the undead. Recommended.” —Horror World “Zombie thrillers loaded with sex and smarts.” —Jonathan Maberry “A fun fully loaded brain entrails explosion of a high octane charged zombie story.” —More2Read(dot)com
At the End of the World - Penny Miller Book Three
Steven W. Booth
At the End of the Wor... from $2.95
The Zombies are Spreading... Small town Sheriff Penny Miller and her friends Scratch, Terrill Lee, and Sheppard escaped from Nevada moments before a devastating nuclear explosion intended to eradicate the zombie plague. The Government’s plan didn’t work, and the undead are spreading fast. When Miller and her men find an abandoned hunting lodge in a remote village in Colorado, they’re hoping to steer clear of zombies, redneck survivalists, and panicked locals, and to simply ride out the winter. Penny Miller just wants some peace and quiet, a glass of wine in front of the fireplace, and maybe some quality time with Scratch over the holidays. Unfortunately, that isn’t Santa coming down the chimney—and this will not be a Merry Christmas.   “Zombie thrillers loaded with sex and smarts.” —Jonathan Maberry, NYT Best Selling Author of Extinction Machine   “Defines laugh-out-loud funny.” —Bookish Brunette   “From the opening line, I loved it. For a zombie fan like me, presses all the right buttons.” —Stoker winner Joe McKinney, Author of Dead City and Flesh Eaters   “The dialogue and narrative crackle, and the expressions that come out of Penny's mouth are hilarious. Great combination of action, gore, horror and humor.” —Dana Fredsti, Author of Plague Nation Paperback, 205 pages ISBN: 978-0615785-27-1
Rise of the Triad - Penny Miller Book Four
Steven W. Booth
Rise of the Triad - P... from $3.95
The Zombies Are Coming… Again. Small town Sheriff Penny Miller and her outlaw friend Scratch managed to survive a nuclear blast in Nevada and a brutal attack on their peaceful lodge in Colorado. They head for Los Angeles, looking for a fresh start. It seems the citizens of Southern California remain blissfully ignorant of the coming war. They believe zombies are simply an urban legend. As usual, there’s no rest for the wicked. When they find themselves in a suspiciously run Malibu rehab facility, Miller can't relax. She knows the gore is about to hit the fan. It seems that Miller can sense when zombies are near. And they’re almost always near. When all hell breaks loose around them, Miller and Scratch must survive deadly experiments, resist an ongoing government conspiracy, and battle another horde of ravenous zombies. And that’s just for starters.  
All Hell Breaks Loose - Penny Miller Book Five
Steven W. Booth
All Hell Breaks Loose... from $3.95
Sheriff Penny Miller of Flat Rock, Nevada, has always done her duty. On the first night of the zombie apocalypse, she swore an oath to protect her friends from the ravenous hordes. However, now that the virus is rapidly spreading to the rest of the country it has become clear that Miller and her friends, Scratch, Sheppard, and Rat, are winning battles but losing the war. And that’s just not good enough for Penny. Too many people have already died. Determined to stop the maniacs who have been funding the research that created the undead, and with the key to stopping the virus in hand, Miller and crew embark on a long and dangerous journey north. Their route cuts through the very heart of zombie occupied territory, but this time they are out to end the apocalypse once and for all. Unfortunately, the elite committee of government officials who control the Super Soldier program knows exactly where Miller and her friends are headed, and they are determined to capture or kill them at any cost. Sheriff Miller doesn’t stand a chance. Of course, lousy odds never stopped her before. She gives the order to move out. And that’s when all hell breaks loose. Paperback, 274 pages ISBN: 978-0615978-71-0
The Rule of Three - Penny Miller Book Six
Steven W. Booth
The Rule of Three - P... from $4.95
The zombies must be stopped… Sheriff Penny Miller has come too far and lost too many friends to quit now. She and her companions have made it safely to Mountain Home, Idaho, the operation center of the three-person Enhanced Bioweapons Select Committee that controls the nation’s response to the zombie outbreak. Miller knows they are still funding the research that started the zombie apocalypse. And Miller didn’t come to the home of the zombies to attend a church social. When Sheriff Miller stumbles across a homegrown militia whose leader shares her hatred of the Select Committee, she sees the opportunity she’s been waiting for. Together with Major McDivitt and his team, Sheriff Miller sets out to destroy the three committee members who have the most to gain from the spread of the zombie virus. One last mission should finish the job. …Unless they know she’s coming.  
Blood Desert - A Penny Miller Novel
Steven W. Booth
Blood Desert - A Penn... from $3.95
Sheriff Penny Miller’s philandering ex-husband is convinced the cattle on a ranch north of Flat Rock are being attacked by blood-sucking bats. Miller brushes him off, since Terrill Lee has always been a conspiracy nut. When the rancher dies suspiciously, the property is sold to two eccentric women who open—of all things—a wine and knitting shop. Their odd little business brings tourist money to Penny’s sleepy little town, along with two teenaged drug dealers and a huge heap of trouble. In Blood Desert, the thrilling prequel to The Hungry series, there’s a new kind of undead giving Penny a pain in the neck. Though the zombie apocalypse remains one possible future, Patient Zero has yet to be infected. In this here and now, Sheriff Miller ends up face-to-fang with deadly, ravenous vampires who are determined to take over the entire state of Nevada, starting with Flat Rock. Readers of The Hungry zombie novels will love Blood Desert for its familiar characters, serious scares, and quirky black humor. The somewhat younger Sheriff Penny Miller is as funny, foul-mouthed, and courageous as ever. Readers both new and old are in for a real treat. Paperback, 273 pages ISBN: 978-1947521-01-8
The Orchard The Orchard
Steven W. Booth
The Orchard from $4.95
Charlotte Wilson is an investigative journalist reporting on a global pandemic that seems to have no identifiable cause. When she is contacted by the COO of a multinational biotech company claiming he has the answer to what’s making people sick, Charlotte and her producer Nick start dreaming of Pulitzers and national syndication.  But as she begins to uncover the truth, Charlotte discovers she is at the center of a conspiracy that is 12 years in the making, one that touches every part of her professional and personal life. Millions of lives depend on her breaking the news, but the story is so big, will anyone believe it? Charlotte may not live long enough to find out.  Steven Booth’s The Orchard is many things – an intriguing mystery, an intense suspense tale, a terrifyingly plausible bio-thriller – but overall it’s just plain great. Pick it up at your own risk. You’ll be in its grip from the first page to the last…and thinking about it long after you put it down. —Steve Hockensmith, author the Holmes on the Range mysteries and The White Magic Five and Dime
All The Devils
Steven W. Booth
All The Devils from $3.95
Carrie Young’s life is one hot mess. The posh political aide is having an affair with her boss, a Congressman who is taking bribes from a major corporation. When a hit man kills the Congressman and sets Carrie up to die in an apparent murder/suicide, she is rescued by Spider Walsh, a soft-spoken janitor. The two strangers go on the run, pursued by an elite network of professional assassins, skilled men and women who do dirty work for the rich and powerful.  With both the police and the ruthless group of mercenaries on their trail, Carrie and Spider venture deep into LA’s gang territory, where she must trust her mysterious protector and his friends to keep her alive. Their enemies will stop at nothing to keep Carrie from revealing vital secrets to the authorities. As they begin to fight back, Carrie learns that Spider is not just a janitor after all. In fact, he is a very dangerous man, with a few dark secrets of his own.  “All the Devils is a wild and fast-paced thriller pitting brave and quick-witted heroes against a frightening array of vivid adversaries.” —Thomas Perry, author of Big Fish and The Informant
Continuity Continuity
Steven W. Booth
Continuity from $3.95
Carlos San Sebastián wants nothing more from life than spending time in the company of beautiful women, gambling, seeking adventure, and generally enjoying himself. However, he is also the heir to the patriarchy of his family of time-travellers, a fate he would do nearly anything to avoid. When Carlos is summoned to the family residence in the middle of the deal of his lifetime, he can see his opportunity to thwart fate slipping away.What Carlos finds at the residence is worse than any responsibility he ever contemplated. His father is inexplicably murdered out of continuity, six years before Carlos is born. It is up to Carlos to prevent the murder and protect the family.Carlos is no detective and hardly skilled as a time traveller, but with less than 24 hours to thwart the murder, he must seek the help of the one person his father demanded not be involved: his estranged sister, Monique.As the clock ticks on, Carlos and Monique must unravel the secrets of their family and time travel itself. Continuity takes the reader on an exploration of the laws of time travel and through the psychology of a family capable of anything.