Kill Your Characters
Steve Rush
Kill Your Characters: Crime Scene Tips for Writers from $2.99
"Kill Your Characters" is a critical handbook for crime writers everywhere. Imagine you have a dead body on the floor, and your detective character needs to solve the crime and catch the killer. But, if you're not an expert in forensic investigation, how can you describe the death accurately, so the clues make sense? This book, written by former detective and forensic investigator Steve Rush, equips you with the tools you need to impress not only armchair detectives but also real ones. It's your ultimate guide to crafting a gripping opening incident for your story. No more hours wasted searching for accurate information elsewhere. In "Kill Your Characters," you'll find an accurate guide to crucial questions like: How did your character meet their end? What were the circumstances of the murder? Which weapon did the killer use? What evidence did they leave behind? How can you build an airtight case against the suspect? With this book, you'll have the facts to make your fiction stand out. Whether you're plotting your next murder scene or tackling challenges like determining the time of death or understanding forensic evidence from a gunshot wound, Steve Rush's extensive experience is packed into practical tips and activities that will enhance your storytelling. "Kill Your Characters" is a valuable resource for any author aiming to bring credibility and authenticity to their murder scenes.