LaDonna Humphrey is a writer, documentarian, investigative journalist, private investigator and an advocate for victims of crime. And for the past seven years, LaDonna has found herself passionately entangled in seeking justice for 19-year-old murder victim, Melissa Ann Witt.  She lives in Cave Springs, Arkansas with her husband and seven children.

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LaDonna on News On 6, Tulsa Oklahoma

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The Girl I Never Knew - Who Killed Melissa Witt by LaDonna Humphrey

LaDonna Humphrey

The Girl I Never Knew is an edge-of-your-seat account of LaDonna Humphrey's passionate fight for justice in the decades-old murder case of a girl she never knew. Her unstoppable quest for the truth has gained the attention of some incredibly dangerous people, some of whom would like to keep Melissa’s murder a mystery forever.
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LaDonna Humphrey with Alecia Lockhart


Strangled releases October 28, 2022.

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