Exposed: The Zodiac Revealed
Mark G. Hewitt DBA
Exposed: The Zodiac R... from $7.99
The solution to the Zodiac serial killer case is as clear as it is controversial. One man, a letter writer, bomb maker, and code creator, was living in the area at the time of the Zodiac murders, had easy access to all the crime scenes, and had had a psychotic break at the time the Zodiac began his heinous murder campaign. A genius-level mathematician, he was clever enough to disguise his handwriting, avoid leaving evidence like fingerprints, and produce diabolically difficult ciphers to taunt the police and the public with his identity that lurked just on the other side of his impossibly difficult codes. That man is Theodore J. Kaczynski.A product of the MK Ultra project at Harvard University, Kaczynski was one of the youngest mathematics professors in UC Berkeley history, a position he despised. Kaczynski committed his first murder as the Zodiac over winter break, 1968, and his second just after resigning his post as professor in July 1969. His criminal signature, letter writing and code making, continued unabated across both of his criminal careers as the Zodiac and Unabomber.EXPOSED takes the reader through all the evidence presented in the first two books, HUNTED and PROFILED, and systematically connects the Zodiac and Unabomber cases through handwriting, codes, locations, literature, cultural references, and other unexpected details. EXPOSED makes it impossible to dismiss Kaczynski as the Zodiac, one of the most evil serial killers of all time.
Profiled: The Zodiac Examined
Mark G. Hewitt DBA
Profiled: The Zodiac ... from $7.95
The Search Continues.... Following up on the meticulously-detailed research of HUNTED: The Zodiac Murders (Book 1), PROFILED: The Zodiac Examined (Book 2) goes beyond the case files to develop a comprehensive criminal profile that examines the personality, psychology, physical characteristics, and motives of the Zodiac. Based in the same detailed research of HUNTED, PROFILED sticks to the facts and articulates at every step how the conclusions of the profile were reached. At the time the Zodiac was committing his crimes, the term “serial killer” had not yet been coined, and psychological profiles were practically unknown. Now, using 21st century crime analytics and a sophisticated understanding of serial killers, it is possible to create a comprehensive profile that may help identify the kind of man who could commit these terrible crimes and get away with it for decades, despite an overabundance of evidence that should have pointed directly to him. Join the search for the killer as the evidence is compiled and analyzed in PROFILED: The Zodiac Examined.
Evil Desire: Recollections of a Sex Crimes Detective Evil Desire: Recollections of a Sex Crimes Detective
Dean T. Olson
Evil Desire: Recollec... from $5.95
Sexual predators exist in our society and their evil desire leads them to commit heinous, brutal crimes with little concern for their victims or the toll it takes on the community. Violent sociopaths have no interest in the needs or safety of anyone else and see ordinary people as either targets or competitors. They have no hesitation taking what they want from their victims. Whether they are rapists, pedophiles, or murderers, these monsters will do whatever it takes to get their needs met and their evil desires satisfied. Captain Dean T. Olson (retired) is a veteran crimes detective with the Douglas County (Nebraska) Sheriff’s Office, serving the Omaha area. In his 30-year law enforcement career he has seen some of the most horrible crimes committed by one person against another and he has arrested some of the worst sexual predators the nation has ever seen.
Under Too Long
Billy The Liquor Guy
Under Too Long from $5.95
In 2007, agents of the New York State Petroleum, Alcohol, and Tobacco Bureau (PATB) seized over half a million dollars in untaxed alcohol, drugs, and guns. This takedown, the largest in New York history, led to 87 arrests, the recovery of an unprecedented quantity of cocaine, crack, and marijuana, and captured the attention of law enforcement agencies all around the world. Under Too Long is the story of the PATB undercover team that led this investigation, as seen through the eyes of “Billy the Liquor Guy.” Billy’s twelve-year odyssey into the world of undercover operations led him to dine in the homes of the “bad guys, ” buy bombs from a man in Yonkers, travel to Tunisia to find an informant, and be hired as a hit man. But his undercover life took an enormous toll on Billy and his family, almost destroying them both. The only thing he could rely upon to get him through were his confidence, his sense of humor, and his team. This story combines true life investigation, graphic behind-the-scenes scenarios, and a personal tale about what happens psychologically to an agent when he’s undercover too long. Under too Long is available in paperback, hardcover, and ebook editions. Paperback, 5.5x8.5, 311 pages ISBN: 978-1-947521-17-9
Devil's Playground: God's country has blood on its hands
Nova West
Devil's Playground: G... from $3.95
A young pregnant mother is killed, and a small town demands justice, a conviction, someone to blame. When an unlikely suspect is convicted, it raises a question: Is this the culprit, a scapegoat, or a martyr? This question prompted a mother and daughter to go beyond the official version to search for the truth. As they delved deeper into the story of this murder and conviction, they found themselves asking, how many victims came out of this tragedy, and how many perpetrators? Why did it feel like everyone involved had blood on their hands but the person convicted of this horrible crime?  So, crack a cold beer, sleuths, and follow along as we search for clues and question everything. The truth could be around any corner. In this devil’s playground, no one is completely innocent.  A great mystery awaits. Join us in our search for the killer.  
Commitment to Courage - Second Edition Commitment to Courage - Second Edition
Donald L. Redden PhD
Commitment to Courage... from $3.95
Sometimes the safe path isn’t the right one As a young man, Don Redden didn’t have big plans for his future beyond raising a family, a good career at General Electric, and making it through the Vietnam War alive. His plan was simple, honest, and safe. When Don’s tour of duty in the Army was over and he got home alive, it looked like he was on track to achieve everything he had set out to do. A chance encounter with an FBI agent led him to make a momentous decision and abandon the safe path he had set for himself. He would apply to join the FBI. This began the adventure of a lifetime. From bank robberies to kidnappings to murder, Don did what he had to, sometimes against protocol and sometimes against instinct, to protect those he could and bring justice for those he couldn’t.  
Police Pranks, Jokes, and Other Stories Not Suitable for Children
Richard Buz Williams
Police Pranks, Jokes,... from $5.95 $24.50
In Police Pranks, Jokes, and Other Stories Not Suitable for Children, retired Long Beach (California) police officer Richard “Buz” Williams collects nearly one hundred anecdotes of pranks, gags, and other antics played by law enforcement officers on other law enforcement and on suspects. Spanning from the 1930s to the present, Police Pranks shares some of the funniest moments handed down from Williams family, including both grandfathers, his father, great uncle, and cousin (all Los Angeles PD officers), from his time in the Long Beach PD, and from stories collected from other parts of the law enforcement world. This collection of short stories is a perfect quick read for anyone interested in law enforcement or just a good laugh.  
Hunted: The Zodiac Murders
Mark G. Hewitt DBA
Hunted: The Zodiac Mu... from $7.95
The Zodiac serial killer claimed the lives of at least five young victims between 1966 and 1974, and mocked the police with telephone calls, taunting letters, and encrypted messages. Thousands of men have been accused; nearly 2,500 have been investigated. Yet the Zodiac has never been identified. This painstakingly researched and meticulously detailed compendium to the Zodiac serial killer case by True Crime author Mark Hewitt presents the crimes and their effect on a community, including the various sides of the many disputed issues within the case. HUNTED: The Zodiac Murders is the true story of America's greatest criminal mystery. This indispensable companion book is accessible to anyone interested in joining the pursuit, exploring a mystery, or witnessing the police response to an appalling crime spree.  
Reckless Speculation about Murder
Barney Doyle
Reckless Speculation ... from $5.95
IT’S TIME TO PUT YOUR CRIME SOLVING SKILLS TO WORK Just between us, we know you like true crime investigations. You’ve seen every episode, heard every podcast, and now you can name the killer in the first five minutes of that cable show you’re watching… again. But how many times have you yelled at the screen, “YOU GOT IT ALL WRONG!” Well, Barney Doyle is here to tell you that they probably did. Reckless Speculation about Murder takes on some of the most infamous unsolved cases in recent American history. From the murders of JonBenét Ramsey and Kathleen Peterson to the shootings of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls, your host Barney Doyle will lead you through the evidence, give you all the facts (even the inconvenient ones), and let you decide for yourself who committed these infamous atrocities. Disregard what you thought you knew about these crimes. Fill up your coffee cup (or wine glass), turn down Forensic Files, and take a fresh look at these notorious murders. This is the Second Edition with an additional chapter on the Jeffery MacDonald case.