Collection: Alyson Camus

Alyson Camus was born in France and has lived in Los Angeles for about 25 years. Very early on, she developed an interest in investigating the past and has since been interested in mysteries and unsolved cases.

As a music journalist, she has reported about the Los Angeles music scene for years and wrote thousands of articles for the website Rock NYC, covering local and more famous musical bands.

Her two passions collided when she found out that Elliott Smith’s case was still unresolved several years after his death in 2003. As she had seen him in concert many times and lived around the neighborhood where the tragic incident occurred, the singer-songwriter’s death deeply affected her. Alyson decided to research the story because of her combined passions for truth and justice and her love for Elliott Smith’s music.

A Question Mark: An Investigation into the Death of Elliot Smith, her first book to date, gathers the most complete research about the case.

Alyson Camus