TITANIC: Sinking The Myths TITANIC: Sinking The Myths
D.E. Bristow and Ryan Katzenbach
TITANIC: Sinking The Myths from $34.95
TITANIC: Sinking the Myths releases April 15, 2024. Preorder now and be the first to read it. Thirtieth Anniversary Edition of the first book to expose the Titanic cover-up. Over 500 pages, illustrated, thoroughly indexed, with a full color hardcover option, this is the book TITANIC aficionados have been waiting to own for 30 years. In over 100 years there have been literally thousands of books written on the catastrophic maiden voyage of the RMS TITANIC. And yet, questions, myths, and lies still persist about that fateful night. Why was the TITANIC on a route that put her in the most perilous of ice-congested sea lanes?  Why did TITANIC choose not to launch regulation distress rockets in her effort to summon help?  Why did TITANIC turn away a German ship in favor of a British rescuer? How did a fire in the ship’s forward bunkers impact the structural integrity of the ship? Above all, how did an impending World War and the deteriorating relationships between Britain, Germany, and the United States—largely over the merchant domination of the world’s shipping lanes—set forth an unbreakable chain of events that put the TITANIC two and a half miles beneath the surface of the North Atlantic, taking her captain, her logbook, and the truth with her?  As TITANIC: Sinking the Myths meticulously demonstrates, the real root cause of the disaster was greed, multiplied by an imperative schedule, and wrapped up in a conspiracy to cover up White Star’s policy to put profits over the lives of the passengers. Thirty years ago, in this book’s first edition, Diana Bristow unraveled the myths to give the original, no-stone-unturned account of the events that led up to—and followed—the sinking of the TITANIC. Bristow goes right to the heart and source of the campaign of deception that served only one purpose, to protect J.P. Morgan, the White Star Line, and all their investors from astronomical liability and financial ruin if the captain, crew, or management were found negligent in the events that led to the sinking of the TITANIC. Never before had any researcher ever so deeply studied the rules, laws, regulations, and economic and political factors that ultimately led to the deaths of 1,500 people.  Bristow’s long-sought-after book, out of print for thirty years, is now presented here in an updated edition. Once you’ve read TITANIC: Sinking the Myths, you will understand why it’s the first—and last—book you ever need to read about the most infamous maritime disaster in peacetime history.