Ralph Sutherland came of age in Los Angeles during the mid- to late ‘60s. It was an era of political and civil rights upheaval, anti-war demonstrations, psychedelic drugs, and free love. Music was the common language of his generation and he was immersed in its influence from a young age.

Ralph had spent his early childhood in his rural hometown of Whiskey Flat, California. As a young teenager he migrated to the big city of L.A., where he also became a fan of film, art, books, and an avid and knowledgeable record collector, which later led to a long career in many facets of the music business. While working in local retail record shops in the late ‘60s, he first met two fellow travelers, Harold Sherrick and a cool guy later known as the Pigman.

In “A Pig’s Tale,” Ralph Sutherland and his co-author, Harold Sherrick, have brought to life the recollections of Pigman and others involved in the bootleg scene of the time. Through extensive research, and with the knowledgeable assistance of Steve Talia, the reader is given a previously unknown and complete perspective on the underground world of that first “Great White Wonder” album and the other early bootlegs produced by Pigman and the legendary original “Trade Mark of Quality” label. 

Harold Sherrick was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Growing up in the turbulent 1960s, he was greatly affected by the politics, the war, and the music of the times. More than anything, the music influenced the direction of his life. Harold grew up listening to Elvis, Johnny Cash, and Bob Dylan. The first concert he attended was The Beatles at Dodger Stadium in 1966, sparking his love for the exciting and passionate energy concerts create.

Harold met the Pigman as a teen and began traveling with him all over the Los Angeles Basin distributing bootlegs, attending the concerts Pigman recorded, and grooving to the music. Around the same time, he picked up the camera and began photographing live concerts, which quickly grew into a passion and a profession. Since then, Harold’s notoriety has grown and his photos have appeared in books and magazines around the world, including Mojo, Guitar Player, and Goldmine. In addition to shooting from the front row of many of the greatest concerts Los Angeles has ever seen, he has also captured the action backstage and taken portraits of some of music’s greatest. His photography includes artists such as Tom Petty, Paul McCartney, Joe Walsh, June Carter Cash, Sheryl Crow, Dave Grohl, The Rolling Stones, Joni Mitchell, Ray Charles, The Bee Gees, U2, and Tori Amos, among other greats.

His first book, entitled Stolen Moments: The Photography of Harold Sherrick, includes many of his most iconic shots. A Pig’s Tale is his second book, but certainly not his last.

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