Nova West is an unlikely true crime crusader, but when a young, pregnant mother was found murdered in her small town, followed by the wrongful conviction of Nova’s own family member, she made it her mission to help free Vonda and find Jessie’s true killer. In a bold move, Nova sought the help of director and producer, Joe Berlinger, whose true crime experience might benefit Vonda Smith’s case. Berlinger’s series, “Wrong Man” highlights our justice system and investigates cases of the wrongly convicted. Vonda’s became one such case.

Nova’s success in procuring a media platform for the case felt like a miracle indeed, but even then, she pressed on in search of additional outlets. She wants the world to know what happened in Greene County, Tennessee and is desperate to uncover what really happened to Jessie Morrison and how and why Vonda Smith was convicted, let alone arrested. The victim was found with several sets of male DNA on her body and underneath her fingernails, so why is a woman behind bars? Nova West’s debut book, Devil’s Playground is yet another instrument for attaining notoriety for the case and a plea to readers to act as sleuths, helping to untangle the mess.

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