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Chris Westphal

The Spy Who Loathed Me

The Spy Who Loathed Me

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Hollywood, 1982. Struggling sitcom writer Tom Huttle has the ideal side gig: writing personality profiles for an insurance company’s newsletter. If only he knew that the company is a CIA front. When a CIA agent is murdered, Tom is the key suspect—at least in the eyes of bumbling FBI Special Agent Terrance Tillberry. If Terrance weren’t hopelessly in love with undercover KGB agent Petra Tarasova, maybe he would see that Tom has no idea what’s going on. But this is Hollywood. Nothing is really what it seems. 

Why we love this book...

We chose to publish The Spy Who Loathed Me after being charmed by the exciting and hilarious antics of screenwriter Tom Huttle. While Tom grows into his new job at a CIA front, he finds himself caught up in a thrilling adventure when KGB beauty Petra Tarasova uses Tom to get closer to a deeper mystery growing in the shadows of Hollywood. Meanwhile, FBI’s hapless agent Terrance Tillberry has feelings of suspicion towards the naïve Tom Huttle, and even stronger feelings of love towards Petra. The story demonstrates just how chaotic a web of mystery can be. The Spy Who Loathed Me’s humorous dialogue and suspenseful plot create a deeply satisfying emotional thriller capable making us laugh. We at Genius Book Publishing are more than proud to publish Chris Westphal’s book series The Chronicles of Huttle.

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