Davy the Punk
Bob Bossin
Davy the Punk from $2.99
In Davy the Punk, Bob Bossin tells the story of his father’s life in the gambling underworld of the 1930s and ‘40s. This sometimes poignant, sometimes outrageous memoir of father and son is packed with streetwise stories and troubling revelations about Canada and the United States as they were in the first half of the twentieth century. In the 1930s, Davy Bossin was known in the underworld as “Davy the Punk.” He was the “bookies’ bookie,” a layoff man who connected Toronto to the betting rackets in New York, Chicago, Detroit, and elsewhere. Davy’s colleagues and friends were some of the top outlaws in America. A consummate storyteller, Davy often regaled his pals with tales of horse-racing, the mob, and the equally gritty underside of show business. Eagerly taking it all in was his son Bobby, who would grow up to become indie-music pioneer Bob Bossin. By turns funny, insightful, and moving, Davy the Punk is the story of horse racing, the Great Migration, antisemitism, baseball, gambling, show biz, and most of all, fathers and sons.
LaDonna Humphrey with Alecia Lockhart
Strangled from $2.99
In “Strangled”, author LaDonna Humphrey is determined to solve the 1994 murder of Melissa Ann Witt. Her quest for justice takes a surprising turn when Alecia Lockhart shares a dark secret from her past. Together, Humphrey and Lockhart venture into a dangerous and twisted realm known as the "dark web" to uncover a series of mysteries, including Alecia's eerie connection to Melissa Witt's murder. "Strangled" is a gripping and suspenseful account of their battle against a sinister online community bent on destruction, murder, and chaos. As they dig deeper, the stakes get higher, and their safety is at risk. With evil lurking behind every click, they face a crucial question: How far are they willing to go to uncover the answers they desperately seek? If you love crime thriller books, "Strangled" is a must-read that will leave you breathless.
Continuity Continuity
Steven W. Booth
Continuity from $2.99
Carlos San Sebastián wants nothing more from life than spending time in the company of beautiful women, gambling, seeking adventure, and generally enjoying himself. However, he is also the heir to the patriarchy of his family of time-travellers, a fate he would do nearly anything to avoid. When Carlos is summoned to the family residence in the middle of the deal of his lifetime, he can see his opportunity to thwart fate slipping away.What Carlos finds at the residence is worse than any responsibility he ever contemplated. His father is inexplicably murdered out of continuity, six years before Carlos is born. It is up to Carlos to prevent the murder and protect the family.Carlos is no detective and hardly skilled as a time traveller, but with less than 24 hours to thwart the murder, he must seek the help of the one person his father demanded not be involved: his estranged sister, Monique.As the clock ticks on, Carlos and Monique must unravel the secrets of their family and time travel itself. Continuity takes the reader on an exploration of the laws of time travel and through the psychology of a family capable of anything.
Prescription For Evil
James Kirkpatrick Davis
Prescription For Evil from $2.99
"Prescription for Evil" is the story of the most horrifying FBI case in American medical history. It begins on May 27, 2001, when a nurse in a Kansas City doctor's office sends a vial of chemotherapy medicine called Taxol to a lab. When the results come back on June 12, 2001, it's a shocking revelation. The Taxol sample from the lab contains only about one-third of the amount of medication the doctor had prescribed. This is a dangerous situation because diluted medicine could lead to severe, even deadly consequences. In September 2001, the FBI starts a new case called "Diluted Trust," which quickly became their top priority under the leadership of FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III. As they dig deeper, they uncover a disturbing truth. A pharmacist named Robert Ray Courtney had been diluting chemotherapy drugs for years, making a huge profit. But the real tragedy lies in the human cost. More than 4,200 patients were affected, with at least 40 known deaths. This was an unprecedented case in American medical history. "Prescription for Evil" takes you on a heart-pounding journey through the FBI's pursuit of Robert Ray Courtney and the devastating impact he had on thousands of patients and their families. “Prescription for Evil” is a must-read that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
Dear Prudence
Kimberly Croft
Dear Prudence from $2.99
As the campaign manager for Senator Alex Conrad, Prudence Romain must go to any lengths to hide her past. As Senator Conrad prepares for a presidential run, Prudence can’t fight her feelings for him any longer. Despite the difference in their ages, she is shocked when he confesses his love for her as well. But their simple love affair is made infinitely more complex—and dangerous—when their relationship is made public. The press, the opposing candidate, and even Senator Conrad’s ex want to destroy their relationship. Their love can withstand the pressure, but can his bid for the presidency survive the truth?
The Wisdom of Serpents
David Dean
The Wisdom of Serpents from $2.99
Collected within these pages you will find twelve masterful tales of ill-conceived notions and faulty assumptions from prolific Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine contributor David Dean. A retired man with a mole-infested lawn decides a ferret is the obvious and nature-provided answer; an American prisoner in Mexico is offered a work-release program in which survival, not freedom, is the prize; and a travel agent discovers the consequences of blind love in Belize. These and other stories comprise the suspenseful tales that you will find within this collection. But remember—the wisdom of serpents is poison. The Wisdom of Serpents and Other Stories of Tragic Misunderstandings is the second volume in the collected short fiction of David Dean, following Tomorrow’s Dead and Other Stories of Crime and Suspense.   Review of "The Mole" by Anne Van Doorn of the Netherlands: BEST SHORT STORY OF THE WEEKSince 2016, I read a short story a day. My favorite read this week is “The Mole” by David Dean, published in his short-story collection The Wisdom of Serpents and Other Stories of Tragic Misunderstandings. Moles are making a mess of Stivac's garden and that annoys the elderly man enormously. A few days ago, his foot sank into a mole run, causing him to fall. To end this predicament, Stivac buys a ferret. He hopes the little carnivore will hunt down the moles. But the ferret is not interested in moles. The next day, Stivac finds the ferret dead, and the neighbor's cat is resting contentedly near him. Three days later, the neighbor's cat is found dead—poisoned. Over the years, David Dean has written stories about tragic misunderstandings and what they can lead to. "The Mole" is a fine example of what a writer can do with this appealing premise. In fact, all the characters have their own misconceptions, leading to a dramatic, tragic finale. A well thought out plot, masterfully executed.
Those Old School Records
Steve Propes
Those Old School Records from $2.99
Ever wonder about who the backing musicians were on Jackie Brenston’s 1951 classic, “Rocket 88”? Or how Joe Turner’s “Honey Hush” got its title? Or what legendary blues songwriter and bass player Willie Dixon had to say about Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley joining Chess Records’ lineup? And what about the story behind how “My Boyfriend’s Back” was written? Maybe you didn’t know the origins of Marlow Stewart and His 4 Guitars “Riptide”. Those Old School Records takes you through the history of rhythm and blues, rock ‘n’ roll, soul and more from 1946 to 1987 through the lens of top-charting 45 RPM singles. With over 1,000 songs, labels, release dates, suggested pairings, remakes, answers, and other detailed information, Those Old School Records leaves no musical stone unturned. At over 400 pages, Those Old School Records will answer many of your questions about the origins and history of these chart-topping songs.
After They Came
Dan Harary
After They Came from $2.99
Jonathan Tuckerman, a Los Angeles man down on his luck and truly alone in life, decides to mark his 70th birthday by drowning himself in the Pacific Ocean. Instead, he inadvertently becomes the world’s “Wonder Man” after a pair of extra-terrestrial visitors from the Pleiades interdimensional star system appear in a giant spacecraft, pluck him from the sea, and present him to the media and the world as their sole “Ambassador to Mankind.”Jonathan’s life is dramatically transformed for the better as he works closely with the magnificent Tall White aliens Jorthon and Kalyssa to solve man’s long-insurmountable problems.Jorthon and Kalyssa aren’t the only aliens visiting Earth, however. The Draconians, a long-hidden race of ancient—and sinister—extra-terrestrials, make their presence on Earth known, livid that Jonathan and the Tall Whites have received global accolades for their remarkable achievements. The Draconians and their heinous leader blame the Tall Whites—and God himself—for their miserable existence, as they decide to seek recognition, retribution, and revenge.After They Came takes the reader—indeed, the entire human race—on a wild ride through real UFO research and lore, global politics, climate change, religion, true love, a family reunion, and “the meaning of life itself,” all set against the backdrop of unprecedented extra-terrestrial intervention. The novel presents unlimited possibilities for achieving global peace and prosperity—dreams heretofore unattainable by man.After They Came is a story of loneliness reversed, despair erased, and one man’s wholly remarkable destiny fulfilled.
The Amsterdam Lawyer
René Appel (translated by Josh Pachter)
The Amsterdam Lawyer from $2.99
Up-and-coming Amsterdam lawyer David Driessen thinks he’s hit the jackpot when a wealthy client showers him with praise, glamour, and plenty of money. But David learns far too late that every gift from the shady realtor comes with a catch—and a price tag. As his gambling addiction, his constant need for cash, and his wife’s infidelities combine to drag him deeper and deeper into his client’s twisted world of money and despair, David struggles to stay ahead of it all… before his time runs out. In The Amsterdam Lawyer, René Appel—two-time winner of the Golden Noose, The Netherlands’ equivalent of the Mystery Writers of America’s Edgar Allan Poe Award—once again demonstrates the skill that led leading Dutch daily newspaper Algemeen Dagblad to proclaim him “the godfather of the Dutch psychological thriller.” “A fascinating novel, bubbling over with greed, mistrust, and ruthlessness.” Gijs Korevaar, Algemeen Dagblad "René Appel is a first-rate Dutch crime writer. The Amsterdam Lawyer is a compelling and twisted legal thriller, the first of what will hopefully be many of his books to appear in English." Steve Steinbock, reviewer for Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine The Amsterdam Lawyer is translated from the Dutch by Josh Pachter. 
Her Terrible Beauty
David Dean
Her Terrible Beauty from $2.99
In this chilling collection, prolific short story writer David Dean turns his talents to tales of suspense and the supernatural. Nominated for Edgar, Derringer, and Barry Awards, as well as twice winning Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine’s prestigious Readers Award, Dean proves here that he’s no stranger to an even darker world than that of crime fiction. Her Terrible Beauty and Other Tales of Terror and the Supernatural offers a variety of stories that will amply demonstrate his talent for the terrifying. A writer who decides to winter over at his family’s lake cottage discovers that an unsettling local legend contains much more than a kernel of truth, in war-torn Bosnia a company of Serbian soldiers happen upon a village like no other they have encountered… and wish they hadn’t, and a student of Edgar Allan Poe’s literature uncovers the real reason why three roses and a bottle of Cognac are left on his grave every January 19th. Her Terrible Beauty and Other Tales of Terror and the Supernatural is the third volume in the collected short fiction of David Dean.
The Crater Lake Murders
Monty Orrick
The Crater Lake Murders from $2.99
When two General Motors executives drove into Crater Lake National Park in July 1952, no one could predict they would be dead within an hour—not even their killers. It was a crime of opportunity, a botched robbery during the middle of summer in a crowded national park. When Albert Jones and Charles Culhane were found shot to death two days later, the story became a national obsession. The FBI used every resource and available agent but, as time wore on, the investigation ran out of steam. A lack of evidence worked to the killer’s advantage. He had committed a perfect crime. The FBI tried hard to solve the case. Their 2,000+ page report details a staggeringly complex, multi-agency effort: 200 ballistic tests, 1000 interviews, 466 license plate identifications. The man hours were beyond calculation, and yielded valuable information— buried within the individual reports of the FBI, Oregon State Police and local agencies are many clues to the nature and identity of the perpetrator. The FBI file has rarely been seen by anyone outside the Bureau until December 2015 when the author received it on two discs, satisfying a Freedom of Information Act request submitted three years before. This book summarizes all the information: the FBI file, Oregon State Police reports, fresh research and interviews, county records, rare first hand accounts, reaction from one victim’s family and an obscure college thesis that first named the killer. Add to this, the personal account of a man to whom the killer confessed. Before the confessor died, he swore his wife to secrecy, reminding her about “the things that nobody talks about.” The Crater Lake Murders tells the true narrative: four men with nothing in common until the day they met and, after that, the Fate all Men share.
Murder in a Sundown Town
Alexandra Kitty
Murder in a Sundown Town from $2.99
In Murder in a Sundown Town, author Alexandra Kitty looks at the shocking 1968 homicide of Carol Jenkins, a sweet and resilient 21-year-old woman stabbed in the heart on her first day on the job selling encyclopedias in Martinsville, Indiana. What seemed to be an easily solved homicide turned into a four-decade cold case and became a tragic story about racism, sexism, gossip, and walls of silence. It is a case of injustice and persistence that still leaves as many questions as answers. In an age of both “true crime” fascination and modern social politics holding equal attention, this book looks at an old case in a contemporary light. From the clues to its racial and gender politics, investigation, resolution, and cultural impact, the book takes an in-depth look at a young woman’s frightening last hours and why Carol’s case is as relevant today as it was in the ‘60s.
Secrets on the Potomac
Kimberly Croft
Secrets on the Potomac from $4.95
Sebastian Reed is a young, handsome congressman, and heir to a political dynasty. Daria Stewart is the girl who got away. They have tried to forge their own paths and forget their time together on the campaign trail when Daria was the dedicated intern and Sebastian the dashing candidate. Daria escaped to Paris, Sebastian to Washington D.C. Years later, Sebastian has his sights set on the oval office when Daria walks into a high-society party on the arm of Sebastian’s troublesome younger brother, Garrison. In Secrets of the Potomac, author Kimberly Croft spins the tale of Daria and Sebastian as they navigate the dangerous political landscape of Washington D.C. and the path to power. How far will Sebastian go to keep Daria safe from his growing list of enemies?
North to the Caliphate
Mitchell R. Stevens
North to the Caliphate from $5.95
Former Navy SEAL Jack Landis may have taken on more than he can handle. While investigating a relatively simple slaughter of animals in Iraq, what he finds is an empty field with large pools of blood surrounded by mysterious scorch marks. It doesn’t take him long to conclude that the scorches could have been made by extremely powerful laser weapons. The resources it would take to build and deploy weaponry like that far exceeds what the Iraqis could muster. So the question becomes, who fired these weapons?Back in Washington, CIA Deputy Director Richard North is outraged when he is passed over for the top job, a job that he had earned. Lou Pendleton is a buffoon and political lackey and won’t be hard to disgrace. But North quickly finds that Pendleton isn’t as easy to knock off the top spot as he had thought. When scandal doesn’t work, North turns to more extreme measures, putting the United States and thousands of lives in harm’s way.Pendleton asks Jack to take on the responsibility for tracking down North and stopping him. This leads Landis to Russia and the Middle East, where he must rely on his training, instincts, and a network of allies, some more reliable than others, to navigate the labyrinth of clues to stop North from precipitating World War III.
Mysteries in the Music
Jim Berkenstadt
Mysteries in the Music from $7.95
"Mysteries in Music: Case Closed" is a book that uncovers the hidden, strange, and fascinating stories in the history of rock and roll. Jim Berkenstadt, known as The Rock And Roll Detective®, has spent years digging into these mysteries. You'll travel back to the 1950s to find out who really discovered Elvis Presley. In the 1960s, a famous folk musician tried to create a supergroup with members from The Beatles and The Rolling Stones—what happened? Learn how some big-name artists used fake names to hide who they were. Explore a mysterious CIA situation in Jamaica in 1976, involving an election and the reggae legend Bob Marley. Did The Beach Boys really steal a song and its copyright from the infamous cult leader Charles Manson, keeping all the money? And dive into the secrets behind Nirvana's "Nevermind" album, which many consider the most influential rock album of the 1990s. These mysteries have fascinated rock and roll fans for a long time because no one has asked the right questions or looked deeply into the evidence—until now. After many years, the untold stories of pop and rock music history are finally uncovered, revealing the truth in "Mysteries in Music: Case Closed." See the review of Mysteries in the Music on CultureSonar.