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The Sheriff Penny Miller Zombie Series

Steven W. Booth and Harry Shannon

The Hungry

The Hungry

Book 1

Zombies. Murderous bikers. Power-crazed military commanders. And her ex-husband. Sheriff Penny Miller has her hands full in this fast-paced tale of the apocalypse.

The Hungry 2

The Hungry 2: The Wrath of God

Book 2

Sheriff Penny Miller and her companions survived the first wave. Safe in Las Vegas, they watch the evacuation of Sin City from a highrise window, 'guests' of the United States government. Unfortunately, the Army needs Penny to do one little errand for them... back in the middle of Zombie Central, where it all began.

The Hungry 3

The Hungry 3: At the End of the World

Book 3

Things are looking up for Sheriff Penny Miller and her friends. They manage to travel to a remote town in the Colorado Rockies with plans to settle in for the winter. But nothing is that simple. They quickly find themselves stranded, besieged by survivalists, and on the menu of the rapidly growing population of zombies.

The Hungry 4

The Hungry 4: Rise of the Triad

Book 4

Sheriff Penny Miller and her biker friend Scratch head to Los Angeles where they will meet a friend who is going to help them hide out, and maybe heal a little. No one in Los Angeles believes in the zombies anyway. But Penny knows they’re coming. What she doesn’t expect is what the government has in mind for her when they find her.

The Hungry 5

The Hungry 5: All Hell Breaks Loose

Book 5

Sheriff Penny Miller is headed north. Idaho is just a few hundred miles away, where there are no zombies roaming free. More importantly, at Mountain Home Air Force Base, she knows she’ll find the headquarters of the government committee that is responsible for the death and destruction the zombies have brought. Now she just needs to get there...

The Hungry 6

The Hungry 6: The Rule of Three

Book 6

Sheriff Penny Miller is done playing nice. Only a few hundred miles north of her beloved Flat Rock, Nevada is the headquarters of the three-person Enhanced Bioweapons Select Committee. Those are the genocidal jerks who are continuing to fund research on the zombies. They’re the reason the zombies haven’t been stopped. So it’s up to her and her friends to make them stop, once and for all.