Song of the Butterflies

The Zimbabwean War of Liberation, also known as the 2nd Chimurenga, ripped Southern Rhodesia apart for two decades as powerful political leaders such as Robert Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo rallied their forces and urged them to sweep across the land, wreaking havoc in their relentless drive to force the hated European colonialists from the country.

As bloody and brutal were the terrorists, there appeared a man, an ice-cold killer prepared to do whatever was necessary to rid Rhodesia of the whites no matter how violent or atrocious.

As his reputation spread, an ever-increasing number of villagers rallied to his call, and his chances of becoming the president of Zimbabwe grew.

No one knew from whence he came; he was known only as iLunga.

With the realization that they were losing the battle against an upsurge of guerilla fighters, the Rhodesian High Command initiated an audacious plan. Create a counter-terrorist unit consisting of black and white soldiers who would adopt the persona of their enemy. This elite force was known as the Selous Scouts.

Sion Michael was a battled hardened commander of a specialized squad of Zulu trackers named the Uvemvane—The Butterflies.

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