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Butcher Bird

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In 1973, the Rhodesian Bush War raged as hot as the deserts and jungles where it took place. There were many factions of Africans who wanted to take control of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe from the European colonialists. But one man was willing to do whatever it took to drive the whites from his country, no matter how brutal or atrocious. He had the support of the people and the ability to slip over the borders at will. And his chances of becoming the president of Zimbabwe grew every day. He called himself iLunga, the Butcher Bird.

Sion Michael, a South African fighting for Rhodesia, was a commander of the Selous Scouts, an elite group of trackers who took on the guise of the enemy to walk among them. He and his team called themselves the Butterflies, those who left no trace behind. Authorized to operate outside of Rhodesian borders, they had only one task: To find iLunga and stop him.

Sion came to Rhodesia to fight someone else’s war. There was no way for him to know how deeply personal his fight with the Butcher Bird would become.

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