Ride The Horses, Feed the Lions

One Man's Crusade to Humanize Selling

Are you an authentic people-person who loves to sell with integrity? Then you are a stylistic salesperson. These salespeople, referred to in William D. Hatch’s latest book as Horses and Lions, will take sales from average to great when they are given the freedom and support they need to really sell.

Whether you are a salesperson, a sales manager, or are responsible for new hires, being able to recognize and cultivate these top sellers can boost your career and grow your business in unimaginable ways. They can also be tough to manage, protective of their selling style, and somewhat mysterious. But they can sell!

Through the life of the author, you will learn what a stylistic salesperson is, why they are important to you and your team, and how to work effectively with them, even the toughest cases, the Lions. Like most things, learning how to manage stylistic salespeople is on-the-job training. Each one is like a book with something unique on each page. Don’t rush. Listen to the stories they tell. Watch, learn, and have fun!

Ride the Horses, Feed the Lions is a handbook for those who want to be, hire, and manage stylistic salespeople. Get to know them personally; they’re the thoroughbreds of your sales team. Don’t rein them in right out of the gate. Let them set their own pace. Be on their team so they’re on yours. Pre-order of Ride the Horses Feed the Lions available now.

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