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James Kirkpatrick Davis

Operation Diluted Trust

Operation Diluted Trust

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On May 27, 2001, a nurse in Kansas City oncologist Dr. Hunter-Hicks’ office placed a five c.c. vial of Taxol chemotherapy medicine in a package and sent it to the National Medical Services laboratory. On June 12, 2001, the lab results arrived back. The Taxol sample from the lab was a bombshell. It had approximately one-third of the amount of Taxol the doctor had ordered. Diluted medication could result in serious, possibly fatal results.

In September 2001, the FBI opened a new case file: Operation Diluted Trust. Overseen by FBI Director Robert S. Muller III, Diluted Trust was the FBI’s highest priority case in the nation until the terrorist attacks on 9/11.

The FBI discovered that pharmacist responsible for the scam, Robert Ray Courtney, had been diluting chemotherapy drugs for years and had brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars. But beyond the crime of overcharging for diluted medication was the human toll it took. At least 4,200 patients were affected with at least 40 known deaths. This was the first case of its kind in American medical history.

Operation: Diluted Trust is the story of Robert Ray Courtney, the FBI case against him, and the devastation he wrought among thousands of patients and their families.

Paperback, 346 pages

ISBN: 978-1-947521-23-0

Why we love this book...

The unimaginable crimes committed by pharmacist Robert Courtney are retold in Operation Diluted Trust. This true story forces us to reflect on those we offer our blind trust and question to what extent one must be void of morality to prey on the sick and vulnerable. It is both shocking and disturbing to read about how one man cunningly deceived cancer patients for years, taking their money and keeping their cancer fighting medication. One only finds reprieve in James Kirkpatrick Davis’ recount of how Robert Courtney was ultimately brought to justice. At Genius Books Publishing, we honor the victims and celebrate the heroes. Davis fulfills this mantra in Operated Diluted Trust by shining a light on the grief of the victims and their families while detailing the strenuous efforts of those who stopped Courtney in his path of unspeakable crimes. We are proud to publish this book at Genius Book Publishing.

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