Upcoming Books

Stolen Moments 
The Photography of Harold Sherrick

Stolen Moments: The Photography of Harold Sherrick represents almost 35 years of photography from one of the great rock photographers in America. This book represents several firsts for New Galleon. It will be our first photo book, our first coffee table book, and the first time we are going directly to a hardcover book. Stolen Moments is scheduled to release May 3, 2019. 

Cartoons With My Dad 
Brian Frazer

New Galleon is pleased to announce the forthcoming book from author Brian Frazer, Cartoons With My Dad. Described as Field of Dreams with Art, Cartoons With My Dad follows Brian and his father Sam as they build a new relationship after 30 years of awkwardness. Cartoons With My Dad is scheduled to release June 7, 2019.