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HUNTED: The Zodiac Murders


Mark Hewitt

ISBN: 978-0-9908575-5-6

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The Zodiac serial killer claimed the lives of at least five young victims between 1966 and 1974, and mocked the police with telephone calls, taunting letters, and encrypted messages. Thousands of men have been accused; nearly 2,500 have been investigated. Yet the Zodiac has never been identified.

This painstakingly researched and meticulously detailed compendium to the Zodiac serial killer case by True Crime author Mark Hewitt presents the crimes and their effect on a community, including the various sides of the many disputed issues within the case.

HUNTED: The Zodiac Murders is the true story of America’s greatest criminal mystery. This indispensable companion book is accessible to anyone interested in joining the pursuit, exploring a mystery, or witnessing the police response to an appalling crime spree.

HUNTED: The Zodiac Murders is available in a limited, signed and numbered hardcover collector's edition direct from Genius Book Publishing. $85 plus shipping. 

Praise for HUNTED: The Zodiac Murders

Hewitt gives the most miniscule, detailed findings of the case that has been ongoing for nearly fifty years. No stone was overturned in his investigation of every victim, every prevalent suspect, and every officer that made head way in the case. The questions about the investigation are satisfied, even if the questions about culprit are not. Hewitt even gives examples of every forensic technique employed in finding the Zodiac Killer, everything from handwriting analysis to DNA analysis is explored. Even amidst all of the facts that have been piling up for a decade, there is definite notes of horror, anger and sadness throughout the text that befits the tragedy of death the Zodiac has left in his path. The book is well structured and it was a fast, fun, interesting beyond belief, close look at one of the most befuddling serial killers ever.
—H. Rae Monk, 5-star Amazon Review