Genius Book Marketing Guide

A Beginner's Guide to Marketing Books Like a Genius

Don't reinvent the wheel. Book marketing can be simple, but not if you have to figure it out from scratch.

Genius Book Marketing Guide is a foundational approach to planning and executing a book marketing program using straightforward, solid marketing techniques. The only shortcuts in this book are the ones where we explain all the things that you probably could have figured out on your own, but don't need to any longer. There is still a whole world of marketing out there. In your journey of a thousand miles, this is the first step.

Steven W. Booth, MBA, MA is the publisher and CEO at Genius Books & Media, Inc. The author of nine novels, he has been working with authors and publishers for over ten years to help them make the most of their publishing opportunities.

His imprints, Genius Book Publishing and New Galleon, publish genres as different as true crime, horror, thrillers, humor, and music photography. His author services company, Genius Book Services, works with a range of authors and publishers, from bestsellers to those just starting out.

Steven and his wife and COO, Leya, are dedicated to assisting authors in realizing their dreams through publishing, book design, and marketing.

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