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The True Story of Corruption and Murder in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 

Commitment to Courage

Connie Price and Rebecca Little


Doctor Lawyer SERIAL KILLER Media One Sheet

Connie Price is not the kind of woman who suffers fools—or injustice—lightly. When she noticed that there was an isolated trailer in her community that was only visited late at night by men driving very expensive cars, she knew they were up to no good. It was common for young runaways to seek the beautiful beaches and warm nights that Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, had to offer. Many were never seen alive again. It didn’t take much to see that wealthy men, missing girls, and a desolate trailer back in the woods could only spell trouble.

Connie began writing down the license numbers of the cars in the back woods, which made her very unpopular in Myrtle Beach. A chance encounter with a doctor—whose license had been suspended—resulted in a brutal assault with an illegal medical laser and a prolonged, nearly-fatal recovery during which none of the doctors in town would treat her. Her attempts at bringing justice for the missing girls of Myrtle Beach had come back to haunt her. Though she had her day in court for the doctor’s malpractice suit, she quickly learned how deep the conspiracy against her went when her own lawyer dropped the case and fled to Florida to avoid facing her or the case he was supposed to be pursuing.

There was no way to know that hiring a new lawyer would bring its own set of troubles. Recommended by the local librarian, the lawyer—Stephen Stanko—turned out to be nothing more than a con man, a psychopath who would tell any story to anyone to get what he wanted. And when Connie, without knowing the true extent of Stanko’s deception, gave him the proof of the cover-up and corruption that surrounded her malpractice suit, Stanko was ecstatic. He now had the ammunition necessary to blackmail nearly the entire town to cover for his own crimes.

Stanko—now on South Carolina’s death row—knew that if Connie discovered the extent of his con, she would be a major liability. Stanko tried killing Connie on several occasions, but she proved very hard to kill. Before he could complete his nefarious plans, he snapped and murdered his girlfriend and attempted to murder her 15-year-old daughter, leaving her for dead. By the time Stanko was caught, he had also killed a kind old man who had helped him on several occasions. Just about the only person he didn’t manage to kill was Connie Price.

Doctor Lawyer SERIAL KILLER is the story of corruption, cover-ups, and murder in Myrtle Beach.

Doctor Lawyer SERIAL KILLER is scheduled to be released November 22, 2019.