The Conversational Close

The Revolutionary, Multidimensional Approach to Closing the Sale

Salesmen everywhere are familiar with selling concepts like the Ten Step close, the Circle Close, and others. These techniques all have the same flaw-they are focused on the sale, not the customer. The Conversational Close changes all that.In The Conversational Close, William D. Hatch, author of Ride the Horses, Feed the Lions: One Man's Crusade to Humanize Selling and The 97 Club: From Harvard Research to Personal and Professional Success, takes salespeople and sales managers alike through the process of engaging the customer, discovering their needs, and meeting them where they are rather than expecting them to come around to the salesman's point of view.The Conversational Close goes beyond conventional sales techniques and expands on the author's concept of Horses and Lions, bringing the average salesman to good, the good to great, and the great to exceptional by teaching the method that created success for him.

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