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Commitment to Courage: The Extraordinary Career of an Ordinary FBI Agent

Commitment to Courage

Donald L. Redden and Janelle Massey

ISBN: 978-1-947521-05-6

Don Redden never thought of himself as a hero.

After serving a year in Vietnam, a chance encounter with an FBI agent led him to make a momentous decision. He applied for and joined the FBI. This began the journey of a lifetime.

From bank robberies to kidnappings to murder, Don did what he had to, sometimes against protocol and sometimes against instinct, to protect those he could help and bring justice for those he couldn’t.

“Don is a humble guy who lived the adventure of being an FBI agent, and loved every minute of it. His commitment to courage and duty led him to make sacrifices, some big and some small, but he did so with his eyes open and always for the good of those people he could help and for the difference he could make every day.”
Charlie Shor, from the Foreword

Commitment to Courage is scheduled for release April 5, 2019.