Genius Books True Crime Virtual Book Tour

Genius Books True Crime Virtual Book Tour

We know you’re interested in true crime.

We get it. And we want you to know as much as possible about the cases you care about. This is why Genius Books is bringing you our True Crime Virtual Book Tour. Twelve true crime authors will be reading from their books and answering questions about everything from the Zodiac serial killer to the Smiley Face Murders, serial rape to the legacy of the rape kit, the life of an FBI agent and a Long Beach (California) police officer, and much more.

Our interactive True Crime Virtual Book Tour comes to you in your home via Zoom. Beginning July 18, 2020, we bring you twelve true crime experts over 6 weeks, two at a time, on Saturdays at 3pm Eastern.

Here are our outstanding lineup of True Crime Experts:

Dr. Mark Hewitt on his case files of the Zodiac Serial Killer. Hunted: The Zodiac Murders, Profiled: The Zodiac Examined, and Exposed: The Zodiac Revealed (July 18)

Captain Dean Olson on his career as a sex crimes detective and the psychology of the serial rapist. Evil Desire: Recollections of a Sex Crimes Detective (July 18)

Billy the Liquor Guy on his twenty-five-year career as an undercover agent investigating bombs, drugs, and untaxed liquor. Under Too Long: Bombs, Drugs, Untaxed Alcohol, Terrorism and the Undercover Team that Brought it All Down (July 25)

Dr. Don Redden on his twenty-five-year career as an FBI agent. Commitment to Courage: The Life and Extraordinary Career of a Veteran FBI Agent (July 25)

Investigator Barney Doyle on notorious murders such as JonBenet Ramsey and Tupac Shakur. Reckless Speculation about Murder (August 1)

Richard “Buz” Williams on his twenty-eight-year career in the Long Beach (California) police department… and some of the pranks played by police on other officers and suspects. Police Pranks, Jokes, and Other Stories Not Suitable for Children (August 1)

Monique Patterson on the beautiful life and tragic murder of schoolteacher Stephanie Scott. United in Grief: The story of Stephanie Scott's beautiful life, tragic murder, and how her death broke the heart of Leeton NSW (August 8)

Nova West on downright strange conviction of a grandmother for the murder of a pregnant mother in rural Tennessee. Devil's Playground: God's country has blood on its hands (August 8)

James Kirkpatrick Davis on the FBI’s highest priority case before 9/11, the dilution of chemotherapy drugs by a pharmacist which led to over 40 deaths and an untold number of victims. Operation Diluted Trust (August 15)

Alexyss Rubjerg on a series of fourteen murders of young, college-age men over twenty years all with the same strange circumstances. Not By Chance: Fourteen Unsolved Murders Over Twenty Years, All With The Same Strange Circumstances (August 15)

Dr. Tristin Engels on the life of her grandfather, Chicago crime lab chief Louis R. Vitullo, and the legacy of the Rape Kit. The Power of Truth: The Life of Louis R. Vitullo and the Legacy of the Rape Kit (August 22)

Eric Garrett on the life and murder of his mother in 1979, which at the time everyone knew who did it, yet remains an open case to this day. Unprosecuted: My Mother's Murder and The Search for Accountability (August 22)

Sign up above for the events, and we will send you a calendar reminder and Zoom link for our Saturday sessions.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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