True Crime News - September 8, 2020

Post by Monique

What’s happening around the world today


Missing Children Found

Eight missing children - aged between 6 and 17 - have been found in Indiana, Crime Online reports.


Pardon for US marine

A US marine has received a pardon from the Philippines president for killing a transgender woman, NPR reports.



Gun Laws

A man who shot and killed his two children in 2018 had a history of domestic violence, The Age reports.



Bomber witnessed at Manchester Arena bomb site

The Manchester Arena bomber was seen praying at the arena before the attack, The Guardian reports.


New release

The Power of Truth by Tristin Engels, the life and legacy of Louis R. Vitullo, co-inventor of the rape kit--which can bring justice for millions of victims of sexual abuse and exonerate the falsely accused--is available to buy.


Upcoming book releases

Tears for Tyler by Monique Patterson - The story of the tragic hit and run death of Australian Tyler Dean and car crime injustices in general - Release date September 18


Unprosecuted by Eric Garrett - A mother was murdered in front of her four-year-old son in a small community where “everybody knows who did it”. Release date September 25


Recommended true crime podcast for the day

Chasing Charlie - an Australian podcast about the hunt for a scammer. You’ll get hooked, trust me.

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