Billy The Liquor Guy

“Billy the Liquor Guy” is a retired Senior Investigator for New York State’s Petroleum, Alcohol, and Tobacco Bureau. Appointed as a U.S. Marshall after 9/11, Billy is best known for his undercover work with untaxed cigarettes and alcohol.

Billy’s ability to adapt to the criminal element caught the attention of the New York State Attorney General and the Drug Task Force. This partnership led to one of New York State’s largest arrests.

During his 12 years undercover, Billy exposed an unparalleled amount of illegal activity, which included bomb manufacturing, human trafficking rings and the terrosists responsible for scouting out the World Trade Center on September 10th. He also faced several challenging and life or death situations. While his upbringing amongst organized crime taught him how to survive within the criminal element, Billy would go on to struggle with PTSD as a result of being undercover too long.

Today, he remains a strong member and supporter of PTSD organizations. His expertise is still called upon in ongoing cases.