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About Genius Book Publishing

Our Mission

Genius Book Publishing has a unique opportunity before us. With all that is going on in the world regarding heinous crimes, serial killings, and mass murders, our experts can help put all this turmoil in context. Our true crime authors are able to help the viewers and readers understand these tragedies through their knowledge of psychological and behavioral analysis and law enforcement experience.

Our Editorial Philosophy

We are true crime enthusiasts and want to read amazing books on the subject. We are seeking true crime books that feature good storytelling as well as accurate and unique representations of the facts. We want more than sensationalism; we want the truth in all its awful beauty. And if that means our books don’t have easy answers or convenient endings, that’s just fine. Sometimes a story needs to be told that has no ending. Not every mystery gets wrapped up within the covers of a book. Life isn’t convenient and simple, and neither are the books we publish. 

Our Approach to Publishing

Our team of true crime professionals have created some of the best books in the genre. If you have a true crime title, expertise, and research to back it up, we want to consider your book. We partner with our authors for publicity and promotion, seeking media interviews, speaking opportunities, and other public outreach that will benefit the authors, the media, and the readers.

For the media, we bring the best minds in true crime to the readers and viewers with our ready made team of experts. We want to partner with bloggers, podcasters, independent magazines, and national news networks. Media professionals and readers can count on our authors to provide content and commentary to some of the most important cases of today and the most notorious cases of the past.

Meet Our Staff

Steven W. Booth, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

Steven is an author, artist, publisher, and entrepreneur. He has earned a BA in Economics/Business and a minor in History from the University of California at Santa Cruz, an MBA in Nonprofit Management from the University of Judaism in Los Angeles, California, and a Master’s in Teaching from National University. The author of eight novels, he is also an avid oil painter, having created one or two paintings every week since late 2015. Steven lives in Los Angeles with his wife Leya and a revolving collection of cats.

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Carrie Anne Keller, Director of Operations

Carrie Anne is an expert marketer and entrepreneur. Having founded, worked, and sold several businesses during her career, Carrie has translated her success into the promotion of many businesses and individuals. She has been a publishing industry professional since 2006. Carrie Anne earned her BA in Anthropology from Colorado State University. From her home on the Western Slope of Colorado, she specializes in market research, sales management, social media management, author advisement, qualitative research, summative analysis, publishing mediation, and story consultation.

Leya Booth, Submission Editor and Proofreader

Leya is an avid fan and consumer of true crime. She has earned a BA in Psychology from the University of Judaism in Los Angeles, California, and a Master’s in Library and Information Science from San Jose State University in San Jose, California. She has also earned credentials in general and special education and has worked as a school librarian, special education teacher, and school administrator since 2001. For eleven years, she owned and operated Genius Office Services, a transcribing and editing company. She likes reading children’s and young adult fiction as well as true crime topics. Leya and Steven have been married since 2000.

Brittney Tafoya, Acquisition Editor

Brittney Tafoya is an aspiring author. After receiving a Young Authors Award and publication in first grade for her story “We Want A Happy Bear,” Brittney has dedicated herself to one day becoming a well-known author like Stephen King and Neil Gaiman. She received her BA in Creative Writing from California State University Northridge where she fell in love with the publication process while serving as an editor/reader for the Spring 2014 edition of The Northridge Review, her university’s literary magazine. She currently resides in Georgia with her unusually human-like dog, Rus, but will be returning to California to continue her education by getting her MFA in Creative Writing.

Miriam Nixon, Publicity Intern

Miriam Nixon is a British student working for her BA in Linguistics from the University of Birmingham, England, and is currently studying at the University of Virginia, USA. She enjoys writing short stories, as well as Life and Style articles, which she has contributed to university newspapers for the past three years. In the future, she hopes to work in the expanding field of publishing and have the opportunity to develop her creativity through writing. As a child, Miriam ran a successful two-year campaign to get a puppy. She now lives in Cheshire, England with her two dogs.

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