The 97 Club

From Harvard Research to Personal and Professional Success

Today, practically all of us worship the Harvard Business School. We think they are smarter than we will ever be. If, however, we examine the data which separates average Harvard Business grads from “the great,” we discover the top 3% write down their goals and the other 97% do not! The 3% are ten times more successful in life. What I am challenging you to do is to face off with this theory, not unlike a faceoff with the goalie in hockey. Will writing down one goal, then two, then three, and having visual icons in your car, your room, or as a screensaver, keep the three goals in your subconscious? In my book “The Stylistic Salesperson,” I picked up two terms: “Ride the Horses” and “Feed the Lions.” What if The 97 Club met the needs of all those who are not currently thoroughbred sales horses and may never be the king of the jungle? Nobody is going to get a Glengarry Glen Ross lead every day, but if you are a “Horse” you know that managers know your salesmanship carries the office. While you may not be the boss’s nephew, you will be treated fairly and always have a job. You will continually make a good living. If you are a “Lion” your manager wants to feed, you know you will not just make a living but, in the commission sales industry, you will go on luxurious cruises, land-based trips and be recognized in company meetings. The 97 Club is a management concept that can deliver sales team stability while you recruit and hire your draft choices. At the same time, you will achieve personal goals that will change your life.

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